An adult animated series based on the Skybound/Image comic about a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet.

Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, J.K. Simmons, Zazie Beetz

    • Released
    • (2021-)
    • Seasons
    • 2 seasons
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    SEASON 1

  • Episode 8Where I Really Come From

    Mark must prove he's become the hero he's always wanted to be by stopping an unstoppable force.

  • Episode 7We Need to Talk

    Feeling lost and confused, Mark looks for advice from Eve. At the same time, everyone's looking for him. 

  • Episode 6You Look Kinda Dead

    Mark joins William and Amber on a campus visit to Upstate University, hoping to discover a new future for himself. Debbie makes her own disturbing discovery.

  • Episode 5That Actually Hurt

    Feeling confident in his new abilities, Mark risks a team-up with a local villain to take down a crime lord, while simultaneously juggling school and a new relationship.

  • Episode 4Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out

    It's two firsts for Mark: a first date and a first trip to another planet. At the same time, Nolan and Debbie revisit their own first vacation together.

  • Episode 3Who You Calling Ugly?

    Mark has to cut a study date short to help save Mount Rushmore from a crazed scientist. Robot deals with Action - Comic as he assembles a new team of world-saving superheroes. 

  • Episode 2Here Goes Nothing

    With his father out of action, Mark struggles to defend the city against an interdimensional invasion, joining forces with a team of teenage superheroes.

  • Episode 1It's About Time

    When Mark Grayson finally inherits powers from his superhero father, it's a dream come true. But there's more to being a hero than just choosing a name and costume.